Today Hynek Learned

TIL stands for today I learned and is my place for collecting small, practical nuggets that I just learned – or explained to someone – and thought they’re too useful to let them vanish in the ethers of Twitter or GitHub comments. Please see the blog post announcing this section for details.

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Template Links in Sphinx

One of my pet peeves are projects without easily accessible changelogs (secondary pet peeve: changelogs without dates). Currently, I’m moving most auxiliary docs to Markdown, because that’s clearly what GitHub and related tooling wants me to. But I don’t want to compromise on my own pet peeve.

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How to Ditch Codecov for Python Projects

Codecov’s unreliability breaking CI on my open source projects has been a constant source of frustration for me for years. I have found a way to enforce coverage over a whole GitHub Actions build matrix that doesn’t rely on third-party services.

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SONOS Shares Its Mesh

The fact that SONOS devices build a transparent Wi-Fi mesh once one of them has wired Internet, is one of the main features of the ecosystem. TIL that at least the Playbar happily shares that mesh with your other devices.

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which is not POSIX

I learn a non-trivial number of things, because there’s Debian drama about them. The fact that the which command is not part of any standard just joined the flock.

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TLS Troubleshooting 101

In my day job I spend a lot of time dealing with sketchy TLS setups. The error messages provided by OpenSSL tend to be quite opaque – fortunately there’s tools to help you.

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Update All Go Modules

Wanting to update all dependencies in a way that it doesn’t break is somewhat more complicated than expected.

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rq & macOS

Due to fork() semantics, using rq on macOS can lead to confusing crashes.

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