Maintaining a Python Project When It’s Not Your Job

PyPI is a gold mine of great packages but those packages have to be written first. More often than not, projects that millions of people depend on are written and maintained by only one person. If you’re unlucky, that person is you! This talk tries to lighten the burden by giving you useful tools and approaches.

How to Write Deployment-friendly Applications

The DevOps movement gave us many ways to put Python applications into production. But how can you practically structure and configure your applications to make them indifferent to the environment they run in? How do secrets fit into the picture? And where do you put that log file?

Solid Snakes or: How to Take 5 Weeks of Vacation

No matter whether you run a web app, search for gravitational waves, or maintain a backup script: reliability of your systems make the difference between sweet dreams and production nightmares at 4am.

Get Instrumented: How Prometheus Can Unify Your Metrics

To get real time insight into running applications you need to instrument them and collect metrics: count events, measure times, expose numbers. That used to be a clusterfuck of technologies and approaches. Prometheus changes that.

Beyond grep: Practical Logging and Metrics

Your Python applications are running but you’re wondering what they are doing? The only clue about their current state is the server load after ssh-ing into the servers? Let’s change that!

The Sorry State Of SSL

TLS is the best technology we have for securing our communications. It comes with many sharp edges though. This talk tries to jumpstart a rough understanding and these links should help you to complete the picture.

Solid Python Deployments for Everybody

Without orientation, deployments of Python applications can be tiresome and even painful. This talk attempts to replace anxiety and pain through informed annoyance.