Maintaining widely used open-source software over many years is hard, unglamorous work. So is producing and updating helpful content like blog posts or conference talks. ✨You✨ can help to ameliorate that!

The best way to motivate creators and maintainers is when the consumers give back. The simplest and cheapest way is to tell us. Most creators only get negative feedback in the form of bug reports, corrections, or disagreements in various degrees of hostility.

The best way is to support us financially. Even the tiniest amounts feel amazing because they mean that someone literally found our work worth something.


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Therefore, if you like my work, any expression would be highly appreciated and contributes toward my motivation to create more freely available software and content in my free time:

  • Ko-Fi is the simplest way to tip me once without having to create any accounts or any other obligation.
  • GitHub Sponsors is a great way to support my FOSS work with regular donations and even gets you a nice badge. As of December 2020, corporate sponsors are possible too!
  • PayPal
  • Amazon wishlist
  • Switch to Fastmail with my referrer code, so I save some money on my annual bill (and you get 10% off).

If you’d like to lighten the moral burden of owning cryptocurrencies and use them for something good:

  • Bitcoin:
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If you use one of my projects within your company, it would help me if you subscribed to them on Tidelift:

If you’d like to sponsor me in any other way, please let me know!

You can also support me indirectly if you speak German by getting your domains and web hosting from my employer Variomedia. Without their support my community output would be considerably smaller.

Thank you!