VIM 7.3 on Win32

Due to my photography side business I have Windows 7 instead of Linux installed on my private PC (or rather had – I’m on the Mac boat by now). Nevertheless, I want to have always a fully functional development environment built around Python and VIM (and Dropbox).

Unfortunately, the latest version of vim 7.3 that is currently available from its homepage is broken so that Ruby based plugins like LustyJuggler simply crash vim on startup.

The only solution at the moment would be to build your own binary using the latest source code, however that’s rather tedious compared to building on Linux. Luckily, Wu Yongwei offers current Win32 VIM builds on his homepage so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Update: It came to my attention that Wu’s homepage is often down. For your convenience, I’ve uploaded my own latest download for you. Just unpack it and copy the binaries into your vim installation. These builds aren’t by me, so I refuse any support or liability which may or may not result by it’s usage.